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Effortlessly address the nuances of complex trading transactions, driving enhanced profitability. Signature functionalities that elevate GasTrak include real-time MDQ visualization, ICE/Clearport integrations, and Platts connectivity.


GasTrak offers an intuitive scheduling tool designed for seamless gas transit across interconnects. Since 1995, our system has reliably transmitted nomination files to leading pipelines using our EDI solution.

Complex Pricing

GasTrak boasts a sophisticated rate/pricing module designed for intricate deal pricing, accommodating keepwholes, collars, tiered structures, multi-level component rates, flat rates, and spot rates. Furthermore, our integrated Platts interface ensures seamless uploading of published prices.

Real-Time Position Reporting

With our position reporting tool, users gain an instant, clear overview of both long and short positions, detailed to their preference. Analysts benefit from its precision, which illuminates the ongoing position within categories such as fixed, first-of-the-month, and spot, adaptable to specific points or periods. Moreover, it's equipped to illustrate a balanced outlook by injecting required volumes at a predetermined 'balancing rate'.


Benefit from our hedge trading interface which adeptly records hedge deals, linking them with physical deals. Its intuitive deal entry process supports various financial hedging transactions, such as futures, monthly and daily swaps, and both NYMEX and OTC options. GasTrak further offers standard industry reports for monitoring the alignment of physical and financial deals, daily hedging actions, profit and loss stances, Mark-to-Market (MtM) assessments, and comes with robust ad-hoc reporting capabilities for financial deals.

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