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CDP Allocations

With GasTrak, wells can be effectively linked to a Central Delivery Point (CDP). Once volumes are scheduled at wellhead locations, they are automatically routed to the CDP for streamlined pipeline scheduling. Subsequently, the actual volumes recorded at the CDP are proportionally distributed back to the original wellhead suppliers based on scheduled allocations.

Processing Plants

Schedule volumes through processing plants across multiple wellheads. GasTrak adeptly calculates residue volumes by considering factors like bypass, transport fuel, PTR, and plant fuel volumes. Consequently, this residue gas can be seamlessly scheduled for storage or its final destination.

Plant Actuals

Our plant actuals module seamlessly reconciles scheduled volumes and PTR estimates with plant statement data. Subsequently, plant liquid units and related revenues are precisely allocated based on the recipient of the plant proceeds.


GasTrak's netback functionality provides users the ability to calculate the purchase price of the supply gas based on its ultimate sales price, less any basis costs, without having to re-enter any additional deal information. This functionality also has the ability to pre-assign supplies to designated deliveries.

Taxes / Fees

Navigate the intricacies of tax and fee computations effortlessly with GasTrak's advanced tax/fee functionality. It allows users to effortlessly associate calculations with designated counterparties, locations, or contracts. Catering to an array of structures, whether flat rates, volume-relative percentages, or ad valorem based, GasTrak has you covered.

SCADA / Interfaces

Seamlessly integrate with SCADA and various proprietary systems, ensuring direct data flow and eliminating manual data entry.

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